Wild dogs of Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

During my recent Mana Pools Photographic Safari with Marlon du Toit of Wild Eye we followed a pack of 29 wild dogs on foot. We went looking for them early afternoon. On the first afternoon we found them sleeping next to a small stream in the shade of some trees.

Masai Mara (9 of 12)

While the adults were resting the pups were fooling around with one another.

Mana Pools (6 of 40)

All of a sudden the whole pack got up, greeted one another and went down for a drink in the stream.

Mana Pools (8 of 40)

Mana Pools (9 of 40)

Masai Mara (4 of 12)

Masai Mara (7 of 12)

Masai Mara (2 of 12)

Mana Pools (9 of 40)

After spending some time playing in the water they headed off to hunt.

Mana Pools (11 of 40)

Masai Mara (1 of 12)

Masai Mara (11 of 12)

Obviously we could not keep up on foot but when we eventually caught up with them we noticed they killed a baboon. Although not a good image you can clearly see the baboon hind leg and tail this pup was running off with.

Mana Pools (14 of 40)

Apparently they use the opportunity of hunting baboon to expose the pups to the total hunt experience. The baboons are not as fast and in this forrest environment with only very large trees around they only have to prevent the baboon getting into the trees.

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