The magic of the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya

We all have been adding things to do to our personal bucket lists. I had to go out and buy a larger bucket as my list just grew and grew and I never had the chance to ticks off items on the list. As this was mostly due to work commitments you can imagine my excitement when I finally retired at the end of February 2015. I immediately tackled my bucket list and started planning. The first item on my list was experiencing the Wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, Kenya. I booked a photographic safari with my old friends Lou Coetzer and Neal Cooper of CNP Safaris. What an excellent bunch of guys and totally mind blowing experience.

We arrived in the Mara at the beginning of September to an overcast sky with some stunning scenes of thousands of wildebeest and other antelope on the grass plains.

Masai Mara (1 of 75)

Masai Mara (8 of 75)

Masai Mara (14 of 75)

Over the next week we experienced some stunning predator sightings, spent some time with beautiful Scar, the well known male lion (with a damaged right eye, hence the name)

Masai Mara (36 of 75)

Masai Mara (58 of 75)

Masai Mara (23 of 75)

We were lucky to also witness some major Wildebeest crossings, although no crocodile interaction. The crocs were so well fed and very relaxed during the week I spent there. I was amazed by the number of wildebeest crossing the Mara River looking for fresh grazing and the way they (eventually) cross the river.

Masai Mara (48 of 75)

Although we all go to the Mara for the crossings there are some stunning other wildlife around.

Masai Mara (55 of 75)

I will post different posts on specific Mara sightings so please feel free to return and check for updates.

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