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2 December Urikaruus

Today I travelled to Twee Rivieren to phone home (and get some ice for cold beer and clamps to stop the gas leak from my fridge). On the way I found a few Bat Eared Fox families basking in the early morning sun.

Bat Eared Fox family
Bat Eared Fox family playing


I could not resist posting this old time favorite, a Gemsbok on a ridge


Gemsbok on ridge

and a Springbok


Springbok in Kgalagadi sun


After breakfast at the restaurant, phoning everyone and collecting the ice and clamps for my fridge I was off back to Urikaruus. While in camp I met Scouter and SO (from Sanparks forum) and she told me they have attended the Xmas present handout the previous day (after finishing an apparently “hot” Forumite 4×4). Thank you very much for all your efforts and hard work in arranging the Xmas present initiative Scouter.

The drive back was rather uneventful except for this Lion at Samevloeiing (I trust KG’s camera did catch it drinking)


Female lion sleeping at Samevloeiing


on the way back to camp these Hyena were cooling off, watched by the Secretary Bird


Hyena bathing


I arrived back at a very hot Urikaruus at midday and enjoyed my first cold beer in 2 days. On my arrival I stood outside talking to Mario Fezelas who is busy writing a photography book about Etosha. While we were talking he pointed out a Cape Fox under a log just across the road above the chalets. It came towards us stopped probably 4m from us, squatted down for a wee, turned around and walked up the hill and disappeared into the den. We just looked at one another and shook our heads (unfortunately no photos).

As it was really hot I only left on my afternoon drive (after a cold shower) later than normal (only at 17:00). What I found works like a bomb to cool you down is a buff rinsed in cold water and a 500ml garden spray bottle to “hose yourself down”. I saw the normal general game. The Lion at Dalkeith was nowhere to be seen and during the whole afternoon I only met one other car (at 18:15 my car clocked 38.5C), only 2 other mad guys out on the road in this heat (I should tell them about my buff and water spray!) My rule is I never drive with the aircon on and my window always open (the downside is the dust but at least I can really then be part of KTP).

On the way back to camp I drove every loop (13th and 14th) and found this Lilac-brested Roller in a tree

Lilac-brested Roller

This was my last night this trip at Urikaruus and I wonder if the resident Leopard will visit…..


I like to have all the doors (and windows) open but can then not switch on any lights (attack goggos) but a torch and head lamp are there to be used. Great was my surprise when, while preparing my salad, I suddenly notice a movement next to me at the sink!!! A rat. Now I don’t mind mice but rats, no go. I chased him and he disappeared behind the fridge. I hope he leaves before I go to bed as I don’t want to pack everything away this evening.