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Lion fight at Gemsbokplein, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Early one morning after leaving Kieliekrankie towards Mata Mata I met this lion family resting in the river bed close to Gemsbokplein waterhole. At this stage I could only see two young and an adult male. Another motorist told me that there were some more sleeping on the opposite bank. After watching them for some time the one young male spotted something on the dune behind me.

He got up and crossed the road and later went into stalking mode.

There were some gemsbok but probably 200m further back. He quickly lost interest and returned, sniffed my car and went back to the rest of the family.

At this stage another male lion that was sleeping on the opposite side of the river bed came closer and sat down.

As the youngster strolled past him, all hell broke loose. He attacked the youngster while both of them were growling and the rest of the pride followed suit (amazing to listen to)

The young lion quickly decided that he is now involved in something that he has no chance of getting out of if he fights back and rather quickly surrendered and then tried to get away

and wet himself from fright and then ran off.

The total encounter probably lasted 30 sec but was amazing. The pride continued to growl and the youngster lay down to “lick his wounds” (although I did not see any blood) He later approached his brother who (please excuse the human phrase) gave him a hug.

The older male who was lying next to the road watching all this joined them and they all went to sleep. Peace again in the lion pride!!!!

I was so lucky to be part of this, the aggression, the growling, the dust and then eventually the “loving interaction” between the two brothers and peace in the lion pride, almost as if nothing has happened