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Lake Panic and other beautiful places in Kruger

I have recently been to Kruger National Park for a few short but very nice visits. As Lake Panic, just outside Skukuza, has always been one of my favorite bird hides I have obviously made sure that I also stopped there for some excitement.

The first trip was during June 2013 and early morning it is still very cold. If you leave Skukuza as the gates open you get to Lake Panic just before sunrise.

KNP June 2013_01922

KNP June 2013_01954A

As it warms up (yes including me) the action starts. Normally the African Darters are first to start diving for fish. They are quite quick and actually spear the fish and after it is dead swallow it wholeKNP June 2013_01759

KNP Aug_2013_01702

KNP Aug_2013_01681

KNP Aug_2013_01354A

The next visitors are normally the Pied Kingfishers. They sit and watch for fish hover above the water and then dive into the water to catch the fish with their strong beak. They then fly to a branch where they start knocking the hell out of the fish. This is done to firstly kill the fish but secondly also to remove the scales before commencing to swallow the catch.

KNP Aug_2013_02236

KNP Aug_2013_01238

KNP June 2013_01166

KNP June 2013_01146

KNP June 2013_02223

After swallow the meal the cleaning and grooming starts, firstly by rubbing the beak against the branch, then actually diving a few times into the water.

KNP Aug_2013_02057

While all this action is going on the other inhabitants of lake Panic go about doing what they do best, eat, relax and enjoy the sun.

KNP June 2013_01402

KNP June 2013_00337

KNP June 2013_00618

KNP Aug_2013_02268

KNP June 2013_00733A

KNP June 2013_00011

KNP June 2013_02190

KNP June 2013_01195

Every now and then a thirsty herd of elephant will visit for a quick drink or sometimes even to take short cut across the Lake, very weary of old Sharpes and his family

KNP Aug_2013_01837

KNP Aug_2013_02127

KNP Aug_2013_01863

Old Sharpes

KNP June 2013_00950

Until next time…