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Chobe National Park, Kasane, Botswana

I recently had the privilege of joining Coetzer Nature Photography on a safari to the Chobe National Park in Kasane, Botswana. They offer an excellent opportunity to photograph wildlife in their natural habitat from the comfort of fully equipped photographic boats. These boats are flat bottomed which makes them very stable and therefore very suitable to photograph from. You are also accompanied by a professional photographer who is on hand with advice while the action is playing off in front of your lens. They even supply the latest Nikon camera, long lenses and Wimberley Gimbal heads on a 360 degree (and up and down) movable chair. The excellent local knowledge of the boatsmen places you in the ideal position for some very nice photos. The lodging is of excellent quality and new friends are made on and next to the river. Further information is available from CNP at http://www.coetzernaturephotography.com/our-safaris/chobe/general-info/

The Chobe River attracts a variety of wildlife but is especially known for it’s abundance of birdlife and huge numbers of elephant. The elephants also are so used to human activity which allows you to get very close to them.

Chobe elephant bathing

Submarine approaching

PlayingTooth pick

Some of the feathered friends of that magical place called Chobe National Park in Botswana

Sub-adult martial Eagle landing


White-throated bee-eater hanging on to river bank. They dig into the bank and use this as a nest (safe from most predators)

Hang on

African Jacana chick climbing over water lily, look at those feet !!!


African Fish Eagle taking a bath, truly magnificent birds

Cleaning time

African Jacana chick picking goggos of water plants

Looking for brunch

African Spoonbill in flight

Synchronized flying

Although it would appear as if they can “just fly away” the dove of Chobe River sometimes fall prey to the young crocodiles

Feathered brunch

I will post further blogs with some baboon and other action on the river.