Rietvlei Nature Reserve summer beauty

With all the rain we had in this area Rietvlei Nature Reserve has very quickly changed to a lush green garden. All the animals really enjoyed the change and it was as if they all received an energy boost.

This Giant Kingfisher was very active in catching small crabs and then “removing” the legs against the bridge at Otterdam

Rietvlei Nov_2013_01344

She (yes this is the female) would then toss it into the air to get into the correct position and then swallow the body of the crab

Rietvlei Nov_2013_01372

Rietvlei Nov_2013_01473A

The Yellow-billed ducks enjoyed playing in the water or sitting in the sun just relaxing

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00065

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00043

Rietvlei Nov_2013_01219
The proud mother also came around to show me her beautiful ducklings

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00099

Zebras are always a favourite of mine and although this one was a taxi they are normally just grazing and enjoying life

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00031

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00005

This male was really excited about life but it nearly landed him in trouble when he approached a female (with a headache)

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00323

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00248

Everyone in life, including this Cape Wagtail has a family or dependants to feed.

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00233

This Guineafowl was trying to find some seeds to feast on

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00264

Spotted Thick-knees always think their camouflage is good enough and normally stand very still which makes for excellent photo opportunities

Rietvlei Dec_2013_00190

The Otterdam is very full and is overflowing strongly. I have witnessed some fish, mostly barbels being washed downstream and then trying to get back

Rietvlei Nov_2013_01010

If you have the opportunity to visit Rietvlei Nature Reserve, do so you will not regret it

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  1. Excellent pictures! Love the Yellow-billed mom with her ducklings! The photos of the Giant Kingfisher are my favourites. 😀 😀

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